ZK Stack: a framework for L2

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3 min readJun 28, 2023


By this time, the market is excited for an upcoming narrative for new layers and stacks.

Recently Matter Labs released ZK Credo, ZK Stack and Hyperchain docs on their medium

link: https://blog.matter-labs.io/introducing-the-zk-stack-c24240c2532a

link: https://blog.matter-labs.io/introduction-to-hyperchains-fdb33414ead7

As we plan to migrate on ZK Sync, we want to have a series on what they are building.

ZK Stack

The ZK Stack is a modular framework for building sovereign ZK-powered chains. The ZK Stack is a response to the challenges outlined in the ZK Credo. It is a modular, open-source framework that allows users to build custom ZK-powered L2s and L3s (Hyperchains) based on the code of zkSync Era. Hyperchains operate independently while relying on Ethereum L1 for liveness and security. Hyperbridges facilitate trustless interoperability between Hyperchains, enabling fast and cost-effective connectivity.

It is their STANDARD for ZK chains, a framework on how ZK-powered chains should have and should work.

Key features of the ZK Stack include:

  1. Free and Open-Source: The ZK Stack is developed under fully permissive MIT/Apache open-source licenses,
  2. Composable: Hyperchains built with the ZK Stack can seamlessly connect.
  3. Modular: Users have the freedom to customize and shape every aspect of their Hyperchain, including the choice of sequencer, data availability mode, and tokenomics.
  4. Battle-tested: The ZK Stack is built on the foundation of zkSync Era, the most widely adopted ZK rollup on Ethereum. It has demonstrated considerable transaction volume and Total Value Locked (TVL), ensuring security and reliability.
  5. Future-proof: ZK rollups are seen as the future of Ethereum scaling. The ZK Stack aims to build the right architecture from the beginning to fully harness the potential of ZK technology.

So what does this have to with NBX?

Simply put, we want to be ready for the next mass paradigm shift for any Layer 2. With TVL growing, DeFi projects onboarding and bigger frameworks built on ZK, we believe ZK Sync is the next road for Layer 2s.

As ZK Sync Lite would be considered 1.0 and Era to that of 2.0, we believe ZK Stack and Hyperchain would be that of 3.0 and possibly the end game.

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