Rebuilding Beyond Finance

NBX (prev. Beyondfi)
2 min readNov 23, 2022

Dear Beyondians.

2022 has been a wild year.

From Luna , 3AC, Voyager, miners capitulating and now FTX, this year marks the most volatile year in crypto. The market is never wrong. The market is what it is and as a project, we must survive and move forward.

With everything going on, we understand that the current market is about building, improving and adding fundamentals to the project to always be ready for the opportunity we can seize.

New Product, New identity, New ecosystem

With the current market situation, a platform for trading synthetic assets is challenging.

We need something simpler and able to fit the market need without compromising decentralization.

The first course of action is to do overall maintenance on all trading platforms.

This is to reallocate the resources to the new product we are building because we are going to migrate to a new chain and start building on a new ecosystem.

We are nearly done with the frameworks and have reached out to a new nascent ecosystem that will build with us for a long period of time.

Details on what we have built and who we have built with will be revealed soon.

Users’ assets will be taken care of and rest assured we are not going anywhere and will come back with a substantial, usable, and decentralized product that opens more opportunities for all.

We still believe in the code. We still believe in open finance and open codes.

Key changes

The key changes would be the following:

  1. New Product
  2. New Identity
  3. New Ecosystem


This would be the short-term roadmap for the next 2 months or so.

  1. Temporarily restructuring our trading platform
  2. Rebranding
  3. Airdrop for current stakers and previous users
  4. Develop and release

Closing remarks

We remain strong and firm to change the digital asset space with a stronger and more sustainable product.