Our new token on ZK

NBX (prev. Beyondfi)
2 min readMay 15, 2023


We are openly disclosing the minting of 5,000,000 $BYN to be used for migration to the new and more secure ZK Sync network. This move marks an important milestone in our commitment to providing the best DeFi experience on Zk Sync.

Given its efficiency and security benefits, it’s no surprise that many projects are already actively using ZK Sync for their transactions. We believe this shift towards a more secure network is necessary for businesses looking to scale their operations quickly and effectively without compromising on safety or security.

The tokens being minted are not additional tokens created as part of this process, but rather existing tokens that will be bridged over and burned on the Ethereum blockchain. This process allows us to keep the total supply of BYN constant while moving our users’ funds securely over to ZK Sync.

Token Details

Token Contract: 0xf08454c5434DaD5Cd0B6ee9137bCC5c65abdF31d

Balance: 5,000,000

Check it here: https://explorer.zksync.io/address/0xF79C0E42C987f8299c073C3151E2c6f1Ae7ee901

Next Steps?

We are going to release the first beta version in June.

The best way to get involved in the new version is to join our community.

Here is the link for finishing tasks for extra alpha.


If you’d like a first-hand account of this innovative service, why not make sure your place is in line with its Beta?

Get signed up now and join us at the forefront of ZKSync DeFi here:

About NBX

Previously Beyondfi, NBX is a DeFi platform that allows users to unlock the full potential of decentralized finance without limits. With prominent key partners including Huobi Ventures, Spark Digital Capital, and OKex Block Dream Fund, NBX values the decentralization and ethos of open finance.

Official Website: https://nbx.exchange/

Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/NBX_official

Official Discord: https://discord.gg/Wne3ANfDdh