NBX: New Product, New identity, New ecosystem

NBX (prev. Beyondfi)
3 min readNov 24, 2022

Beyondfi evolves into NBX

Going back about 1 year ago and with more than $100M trading volume, Beyondfi’s synthetic asset trading platform accrued value for its liquidity.

We had multiple milestones and most importantly witnessed the possibility of a decentralized platform. With stepping stones being laid out, we found that our milestones were foundations on what’s to come and ready to create stronger value and capture essential DeFi primitives layered on top of the newly created market opportunities.

What is NBX?

NBX (neo Beyond Exchange) presents a set of significant improvements and implements a new economic structure for our users. We have focused on correcting previous limitations and models from our previous platform.

Here is a summary of the key insights and changes

  • New Product: NBX introduces a new and easy-to-use derivatives platform for all. In NBX, users will enjoy new open finance products which enable them to fully utilize their trading experience. There will be a brand new UI and UX where it will be a totally different product.
  • Decentralization: NBX will be a game-changing product/ platform that will prioritize decentralization.
  • User first: Platforms with real yield and real users will survive. NBX focuses on true-value accrual for true users with true-value distributed


Creating new DEX economic models around a respective native token is always a significant challenge. The previous misalignment between the growth and value capture mechanisms was the most significant and open problem that causes trouble for all, and it is the core problem that threatens sustainability, and even survival.

We present a new economic structure and foundation that best fits our goal.

  • The total supply will be capped.
  • There will be new utilities that ONLY support the ecosystem.
  • NBX will operate by having a robust and reinforcing value accrual mechanism where users and long-term contributors/ holders all benefit.

Roadmap timeline & details:

  • $BYN Airdrop Whitelisting
  • Develop the newly designed platform
  • Rebranding to NBX
  • NBX goes live
  • Airdrop $BYN to users and stakers
  • New markets and users for NBX

Preparing for a new growth phase

As we lay down our first and most important building blocks, it's time for us to gear up and evolve into something more. We believe that this new journey will have new challenges and opportunities.

But one thing will always remain. We will go beyond and always push further.

About NBX

Previously Beyondfi, NBX is a decentralized derivative platform that allows users to unlock the full potential of decentralized finance without limits. With prominent key partners including Huobi Ventures, Spark Digital Capital, and OKex Block Dream Fund, NBX values the decentralization and ethos of open finance.