NBX: New Product, New identity, New ecosystem

Beyondfi evolves into NBX

What is NBX?

  • New Product: NBX introduces a new and easy-to-use derivatives platform for all. In NBX, users will enjoy new open finance products which enable them to fully utilize their trading experience. There will be a brand new UI and UX where it will be a totally different product.
  • Decentralization: NBX will be a game-changing product/ platform that will prioritize decentralization.
  • User first: Platforms with real yield and real users will survive. NBX focuses on true-value accrual for true users with true-value distributed


  • The total supply will be capped.
  • There will be no new tokens minted.
  • There will be new utilities that ONLY support the ecosystem.
  • NBX will operate by having a robust and reinforcing value accrual mechanism where users and long-term contributors/ holders all benefit.

Roadmap timeline & details:

  • $BYN Airdrop Whitelisting
  • Develop the newly designed platform
  • Rebranding to NBX
  • NBX goes live
  • Airdrop $BYN to users and stakers
  • New markets and users for NBX

Preparing for a new growth phase

About NBX



Focusing on the core of DeFi

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