Knowing NBX, An overview

NBX (prev. Beyondfi)
3 min readAug 14, 2023


What it means to build

Building is a delicate balance between sustainable skills and the introduction of new ideas. Sometimes the ideas are beyond the market and seem impossible or too long to establish.

In order to succeed, builders must decide when adherence to tradition is beneficial and when it’s time to embrace innovation. The difficulty lies in able discerning which opportunities will truly bring progress and prosperity, as trying something different can be risky — but failure to act on the potential for growth can also have negative consequences.

Like a craftsman, we need to be dedicated, focused and most importantly never give up on the act of building.

But once the craftsman can see what he or she was crafting with his or her own eyes, it gives them more dedication to building it till the end.

As our main product comes close. we are going to slowly introduce our product and features from A-to-Z.

We are going to take a deep dive into why we built this feature, the intention and its implications. We’ll look at how our product can be the start of disruption in ZK Sync’s Defi. So stay tuned!

Key Features:

In our previous blog post we have mentioned that we are developing the features:

1/ Auto Farming and Auto routing on ZK

2/ Swap DEX with AMM

3/ Farming and Liquidity Provision

4/ Governance (i.e. bribe and veTokens)

5/ Easy Bridges

In this post, we would like to highlight our first main feature:

Auto Farming and Auto routing on ZK

  • What is this?
Numbers and icons are ONLY for illustrations

Auto-farming / Routing on ZK is simple as this: Maximized APY on ZK Sync. Users basically just need to user our “vault” to get APY and yield on ZK Sync DeFi platforms in addition to the incentives we give in our platform. It’s not just one yield

How does it work?

Users simply stake their LP token with the pools we offer. We optimize the yield and get all the needed TX on ZK Sync you need.

  • Why is this needed?

We need to lock in liquidity across the ZK Sync DeFi. An ecosystem can only grow if the users “feel” comfortable that the yield is good and the ecosystem allows them to gain “leverage” without adding more capital. We intend to help the first Defi projects in Zk Sync with our vaults.

Next Steps?

NBX is THE platform for everyone looking to begin their DeFi journey on ZKSync and make sure that it’s as safe and profitable as possible. We want to maximize the yield and help the ZK Sync DeFi ecosystem grow by being its native “steroid” for yield and liquidity.

What “definitely perfect for winning big” went wrong in the past, can now be achieved through NBX. If you’re looking for an advanced trading platform that offers exclusive rewards plus user-friendly support along with other benefits related to DeFi trading, come join us at our website today and start your own DeFi portfolio today!

There were some errors we had to fix as ZK is also building along the way.

Here is the link for finishing tasks for extra alpha.

Get signed up now and join us at the forefront of ZKSync here:

About NBX

Previously Beyondfi, NBX is a DeFi platform that allows users to unlock the full potential of decentralized finance without limits. With prominent key partners including Huobi Ventures, Spark Digital Capital, and OKex Block Dream Fund, NBX values the decentralization and ethos of open finance.

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